One book delivered to you at the beginning of every month.

One virtual book club meeting at the end of every month.

Infinite opportunities for growth, learning & connection.

How the STR Book Club works

  • 1. Your Book Is Delivered

    At the beginning of every month, you'll receive a new book from us to read that month. Each book has been pre-vetted by STR experts to ensure that it's relevant to your unique lived experiences and current challenges.

  • 2. Do Your Reading

    We help keep you on track by providing a weekly reading schedule. You'll also receive weekly reading prompts and thought-provoking questions to make sure you're truly digesting and actioning the new information.

  • 3. Join The Conversation

    All of the Book Club Members will be added as close friends to the @strbookclub Instagram account. These hidden posts are where Book Club Members network and where we share exclusive weekly content that goes in tandem with our monthly read.

  • 4. Let's Talk About It

    At the end of every month, the Book Club members will join on Zoom for the monthly Book Club meeting. Each month, the meeting is hosted by a different STR Expert who you'll have the chance to learn from and network with.

But it's not just
a book club. It's where you'll...

meet your next business partner.

make your next lifelong friend.

find your next investor.

take your business to the next level.

discover a sense of community and belonging.

finally feel heard, listened to, and understood.

We guarantee that you'll make at least one new connection in book club or get your money back.

We also guarantee

  • Accountability

    You’ll be pressed to find a dog-ate-my-homework excuse when the monthly book shows up right at your doorstep. Your hosts and your fellow book club members are here to hold you accountable.

  • Community

    Step right into a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and investors. It’s like finally walking into a room filled with your people after feeling like the black sheep for so long.

  • Growth

    Grow your portfolio, your pockets, your network and your net worth. There's some kind of magical growth that happens once you're held accountable and supported by kindred souls.


How much is it?

The STR Book Club is currently $25/month + shipping. This includes the book, our monthly meeting, and close friends access on @strbookclub's Instagram for networking & exclusive content.

What books are we reading?

That, my friend, is revealed on the 1st of every month (or a few days before if your book arrives a little early, but don't spoil the secret!).

What we can tell you is that is that it'll be a mix of topics: general business, entrepreneurship, real estate, and mindset.

Each book is read by multiple STR experts before being accepted so you can rest assured that you will find it both enjoyable and applicable.

What if I can't attend the Book Club meeting?

Everyone will receive a recording of the meeting so you can watch (or just listen) back on your own time.

If I sign up today, when will I start?

To be part of the following month’s book club, you must sign up for Book Club by the last day of the previous month. To ensure your book arrives to you before Book Club starts on the first of every month, you must sign up for Book Club by the 20th of the previous month. If you wait to sign up until first of the month, your first month of book club will be for the following month.

For example, if you sign up for Book Club on or before February 20th, you first month of Book Club will be March and your book will arrive to you on or before the 1st of March. If you sign up for Book Club between February 21st and February 29th, your first month of Book Club will still be March but your book might not arrive to you before the 1st of March. If you wait to sign up until the 1st of March through the 20th of March, your first month of Book Club will be April and you will receive your book on or before the 1st of April.

Do I have to be a short-term rental investor?

No, that is not a requirement! Anyone who is entrepreneurial and/or an investor in general will get a lot out of Book Club. That being said, most of the members are short-term rental investors so it's a great opportunity to network with STR folks if that's something you're interested in.

What does the monthly Book Club meeting entail?

Each month, the Book Club meeting is hosted by a different short-term rental expert. During the meeting, our monthly expert will share about themselves and how they related to the Book of the Month. Once they've shared, all other Book Club Members will have an opportunity to share their experience with the Book of the Month as well.

Can I pause or cancel my membership at any time?

Yes, you can cancel or pause at any time by emailing us at In order to cancel immediately, you must submit your cancellation request before the 15th of the month (that's when your book ships out!). If you request to cancel after the 15th of the month, you will receive one more book & one more month of membership and then you membership will be canceled.

Is there an option for audiobooks instead of physical books?

Yes! On the STR Book Club Membership page, there's an option for a hard copy, Kindle version or audiobook (via Audible).

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